Monday, August 5, 2013

Open for Summer Markets--and Looking to the Future

SeedsNBeans has once again moved outdoors for the summer markets, as most of you have already discovered.  Our apologies that the blog has fallen behind, things have just been so busy!

You will find us at the Manitowoc Farmer's Market most Saturdays and some Tuesday afternoons.  You'll find us at the market in Two Rivers some Wednesday afternoons and during some special events.  Like us on facebook, as we'll be working hard to let you know just where we'll be with facebook updates.  We are able to accept credit cards at both market locations now for your shopping convenience.

We still have our porch swing tray feeders available, as well as other feeder styles for birds and squirrels.  Bat houses and bird houses in many colors and designs are on display at our stand every week.  Special orders have become a big part of our business, as we've now made wood duck houses, robin/mourning dove nesting platforms, and even custom signs! 

What about the future?  We are currently in the planning stages of opening a permanent store!  We're so excited!  We have a building in mind and are working to get all the details to come together.  We've met with an electrician, heating and cooling specialist, other business owners, and have made many wonderful friends along the way.  Many of you have asked us about a store during your chats with us at the market, and we thank you for your encouragement and support.  Now, we ask for your prayers as we work through this massive undertaking!  Lee will be attending a conference this fall, hosted by a distributor we hope to work with, to learn more about the beautiful bird business!

Stay tuned....

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