Sunday, July 27, 2014

Opening August 1st!

Just one of several displays of unique birdhouses!
We will open our doors on Friday, August 1st!  Our building actually had two storefronts, and we'll be opening first in the smaller of the two.  Friday is also Maxwell Street Day in Two Rivers, so be sure to stop in and visit us when you head downtown for sidewalk sales and of course the famous ping pong ball drop!

A pallet of Prince seed right after delivery.  Our shelves are stocked with many varieties of bird seed blends, in packages large and small to suit your needs!  We even have a couple varieties that can be purchased by the pound!
 What do we have to share with you?  Click here for our flier.  In short, if you need it in order to enjoy and take care of the birds or squirrels in your backyard, we probably have it, and if we don't have something you're looking for, we can probably order it!  Working with Gold Crest Distributing from Mexico Missouri, we have access to thousands of products from many different companies, along with their knowledge and fast customer service!  Most of our seed comes from Prince, in Marshfield, Wisconsin.  We also have some of our own handcrafted items in the store, many of which are made from reclaimed wood.
Love them or hate them, we have items for the squirrels too, including feeders just for
 them, and deterrents to help keep them away from your bird feeders!

In addition to the bird supplies, we have some fun things for YOU to enjoy as well:  freshly roasted coffee (a unique blend made just for us), local honey, and bird seed brittle from Wildflour Bakery in Milwaukee.

What about the other storefront?  Well, renovations and upgrades continue throughout the rest of the building, including the apartments upstairs.  Gallons of paint have been applied, and new doors and windows have been ordered, along with new flooring for the other storefront and the apartments.  The heating system also requires an upgrade, and a part of the building needs some roof repair.  Once the second storefront is complete, we'll be expanding our business to use both sides.  Visit us often so you can follow the ongoing progress as we grow our business!  We can't wait to see you!


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