Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Help us Raise a Ton of Pet Food!

After losing our dog of 14 years in early February, we adopted a dog from the Fox Valley Humane Association in late March.  Grant is a young (about 7 months) hound mix, who was brought up to the Fox Valley Humane Association from a crowded Mississippi shelter.  He's been nicknamed our "Mississippi Mutt."  Our best guess at his breed?  Along with some kind of hound, we're guessing there is some black lab, maybe some German Shepherd, and who knows what else for sure!  Grant is going through obedience training at Petco every week.  He has passed his first puppy class, will be beginning the next tomorrow, and will eventually go on to earn the Canine Good Citizen Award, which is a first step to having him train as a therapy dog for Lee.  Grant is already helping Lee with PTSD issues just by being there, but this training and certification will help him to behave in public and also permit him to go with Lee in situations where he wouldn't otherwise be welcome.

The Fox Valley Humane Association currently has a need for more dog and cat food.  Housing over 300 animals, they are running short and could use donated food to help care for them while they work to find them their forever homes.  They were so wonderful to work with when we were looking for a dog to adopt, we'd like to help them to take care of the other animals.  We are accepting donations of bagged dog food and cat food (unopened please) at our store throughout the month of June.  Cash donations will also be accepted to help the Humane Association with expenses incurred caring for the animals in their facility.

You can read all about Lee, Grant, and the Fox Valley Humane Association in this article in the Herald Times Reporter.


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